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Switch Motivation have helped to navigate the various options for motivational maps and have also been very happy to share their expertise in virtual sessions for teams. I find their approach friendly, clear and relevant to my needs as a licensed practitioner and they are swift to respond to any request

— Spectacled Owl Training.

Dissatisfied employees = higher staff turnover and less profitability

Meet Lucy and Richard...

Motivational Mappers and Business Practitioners with Switch Motivation, Rich & Lucy work with individuals and teams who look to gain insight and strategies for boosting and maintaining energy at work.

They also accredit HR professionals and coaches who want to become Motivational Map Practitioners. The accreditation is available as an open course or a bespoke in-house course.

"The team came into the museum to do a ‘Motivational Maps’ workshop. The session was fascinating and the team came out of it feeling empowered to improve the visitor experience and knowing how they can make a difference.”

- Deputy Director (The Tank Museum)

"Being new to this Leadership Team the maps session, time and contents really helped me understand the other SLT members better - especially how they see themselves and what actually motivates them."

- Steve N. (Shield Safety)

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